Welcome to Tessa’s Table!

Hi, I’m Tessa! Cooking and food fuel my soul. Come see me at Whole Foods Market Franklin where I get to cook and share my meals with all of you. Have questions on how to prepare that grain you can’t even pronounce? I’ve got the answer (…and if I don’t, I’ll be sure to find out). Hope to see you soon!

About the food:

The recipes I prepare will cater to a wide variety of diets from gluten-free to vegan and everything in between.

About Tessa:

I’ve always said the grocery store was my favorite place to be and now, I need no excuses to spend my time at one.

In 2007, I spent a year in Africa doing outreach with 30 other Americans. During that time, I prepared dinner for my team every night. Feeding the masses and watching them enjoy their meal was just as rewarding to me as my work was during the day.

Later in life, I learned the value of nutrition after a year of health scares. Now, I prepare balanced and nutritious meals that are bursting with flavor! The combinations are endless when it comes to putting a recipe together. Yes, sometimes my wacky thoughts don’t turn out as I had hoped, but you never know unless you try!

I hope to inspire you to get your hands dirty in the kitchen. Invite some friends over tonight to show them how much you care by preparing them a home cooked meal!